To help each resident and family decide which care program is right for them, we provide a 360 Assessment. We also use the outcome of this assessment to create a comprehensive health and wellness profile that includes specific care requirements and service needs.

Female resident with cane having a conversation with female care provider in a comfortable setting


  • Pay for only the care you need
  • Add more care as you need it
  • All the comforts of the Inspīr lifestyle
  • Enjoy luxury-level service from our team trained by Forbes Travel Guide


Female caregiver smiling at female resident in wheelchair


  • Full-service care for peace of mind
  • Intimate setting for greater care needs
  • All the comforts of the Inspīr lifestyle
  • Enjoy luxury-level service from our team trained by Forbes Travel Guide


Male resident smiling and enjoying a moment with his adult child


  • Full-service dementia care with highly trained staff
  • Personalized wellness-focused programming
  • All the comforts of the Inspīr lifestyle in a secure setting
  • Enjoy luxury-level service from our team trained by Forbes Travel Guide


Woman gesturing left to a display reviewing medical information with a resident


Each of our three care programs is powered by our unique Integrated Care Model (ICM), a team-based, interdisciplinary approach to whole-person health and wellness. Built on a philosophy of vibrant, intentional living and meaningful connections, our ICM synthesizes the expertise of professionals across multiple disciplines for the best possible outcomes for each resident. Team members work in close collaboration to deliver highly coordinated, data-driven, and outcome-based care that is aligned with resident and family goals and focused on what’s important to them.

Doctor and staff actively discussing care options


At the core of our Integrated Care Model is the Interdisciplinary Care Team. This team is composed of  members of our staff (nurses, care partners, social workers, dementia specialists, nutritionists, and lifestyle coaches) as well as hand-selected, highly vetted outside provider partners (physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, therapists, wellness experts, and aging life care professionals), all closely collaborating to achieve optimal health and wellness outcomes for each resident.

Our Provider Partners

We’ve partnered with some of the top health and wellness providers in the city to ensure our residents and their families consistently receive a world-class integrated care experience. All of our partners have exceptional reputations in their respective specialties and are all fully committed to excellence in care and service delivery. And each can provide services to Inspīr residents both on- and off-site.


“I need to praise the team at Inspīr as they’ve helped Mick tremendously. They understand his medical history and are in regular communication with his doctors to develop a routine for Mick that’s both physically and mentally stimulating and evolves as his needs change. It’s been wonderful to see him regaining his strength and mobility—allowing him to return to his creative passions.” 

Naomi Rosenblau (Mick's wife)


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