Our Team

The Inspīr Carnegie Hill team is dedicated to creating an environment and lifestyle that exceeds all expectations for our residents. We work with Forbes Travel Guide, the world-renowned authority on Five-Star service, to ensure our associates deliver the highest level of excellence to each and every one of our residents. We are proud to uphold the luxury standards set forth by Forbes Travel Guide and believe that this service is at the core of our purposeful, transformational philosophy.

Sloane Limoncelli

Executive Director

Sloane Limoncelli has an extensive background in retirement planning, and before being recently promoted, she developed strong relationships based on trust as the Director of Leasing at Inspīr. In her new role as Executive Director, her appreciation for the needs of older adults and deep understanding of our philosophy of care will serve her well in delivering the elevated level of service synonymous with the Inspīr experience.  

Bringing more than 20 years of professional management and sales experience to the Inspīr team, Sloane is most excited about being able to provide residents with the opportunity to live life with purpose and to offer an environment where they’ll be well cared for as they age in place.

Sloane earned her Bachelor of Science degree from St. John’s University, where she studied marketing. She has diverse work experience that includes time spent as a Regional Vice President of Retirement Plans for Merrill Lynch and General Agent of LTC Insurance for Genworth, before becoming the Director of Sales at a prominent senior living facility in Massachusetts. Sloane’s skills in Assisted Living and Memory Care, her history of working in the long-term care industry, as well as her passion and leadership ability make her a great fit at Inspīr.

Lina Boullai

Assistant General Manager

As Assistant General Manager, Lina Boullai works in close collaboration with the General Manager and Executive Director to ensure that we fulfill our promise to deliver first-rate service and innovative care that elevates every aspect of our residents’ lives. Born and raised in Marrakech, Morocco, Lina’s love for family and caring for older adults began early, as some of her favorite memories were the summers she spent with her grandparents. This passion will assist her in bringing a new level of attention to the experiences our residents have with their families.

Before joining Inspīr, Lina gained considerable experience in the hospitality field, working in some of New York’s most luxurious hotels. From there, she went on to organize and coordinate over 300 multi-day conferences for major multi-million-dollar companies. Today, Lina is hard at work planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating the improvement of program services, management of staff, and the delivery of high-quality service Inspīr is known for. She couldn’t be more excited to utilize her strengths in hospitality and care to elevate the lifestyles of each and every resident.

Dr. Denis Tarrant,

Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Denis Tarrant is a Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner specializing in adult health. As our in-house Nurse Practitioner, Dr. Denis Tarrant brings over 25 years of clinical experience to the Inspīr Integrated Care Team.

Always looking to share his knowledge, Dr. Tarrant continues to inspire students as an adjunct professor at New York University and an associate clinical professor at Rutgers University. In 2014, he was awarded the State Excellence Award from the American Association of Nurse Practitioners in recognition of his work with both patients and professionals in New York State.

Dr. Tarrant earned his master’s degree from New York University and his doctoral degree from Rutgers University. He has demonstrated his passion and dedication to the healthcare field throughout his career. In 2002, he founded Manhattan House Calls, PLLC, New York City’s largest all-nurse practitioner house calls practice that has handled over 50,000 house calls since its inception. Additionally, Dr. Tarrant serves on the Board of Directors for The Nurse Practitioner Association of New York State.

Ellen Finney, LMSW

Director of Memory Care

Ellen Finney is a seasoned senior care professional who brings passion and empathy to her role at Inspīr. She is responsible for curating the high standard of service for residents with dementia or cognitive impairments as part of Inspīr’s all-inclusive Memory Care Program: Oceana.

As Oceana Program Director, Ellen champions Inspīr’s evidence-based approach to helping residents thrive at any stage of dementia. This includes intentional living through Inspīr’s Nine Core Elements, such as brain health, laughter, and movement and mobility. An integral part of the care team, Ellen also guides and educates associates on practices that enhance residents’ independence and quality of life.

As Director of Memory Care, Ellen brings extensive experience in public education, social work, and senior lifestyle and programming. Growing up, Ellen spent a lot of time with her grandmother, who taught her a great deal about kindness, compassion, and the value of treating people with dignity as they age. Ellen is excited to be joining Inspīr as the community is in its infancy, and she’ll be able to get to know the residents and their families as it builds around them.

Ellen received her Master’s of Social Work in Gerontology and Community Organizing from Hunter College School of Social Work.

Evan Rossi

Senior Director of Resident Experience

Evan Rossi is a dynamic and dedicated professional with a passion for enhancing the lives of older adults. Evan brings endless energy, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to providing exceptional resident experiences to his role as the Senior Director of Resident Experience for Inspir Carnegie Hill.
A graduate of The Hotel School at Cornell University with a Master of Management in Hospitality degree, and a current graduate student at the Leonard Davis School of Gerontology at the University of Southern California, Evan possesses a deep understanding of the unique needs and desires of older adults. His expertise lies in creating innovative programs and services that promote engagement, well-being, and a sense of community among residents.
Drawing inspiration from his own personal experiences with aging family members, Evan brings a compassionate and empathetic approach to his role. He is deeply committed to fostering an environment where residents can thrive and flourish. By actively listening to residents' stories and preferences, Evan ensures that each individual's voice is heard and their interests are incorporated into the community's offerings.
In his spare time, Evan enjoys exploring the outdoors, attending cultural events, and spending quality time with his family. His zest for life and unwavering dedication make him a valued member of the Inspir Carnegie Hill team, enriching the lives of residents every day.

Enza Ferrante

Leasing Director

Enza Ferrante is an experienced Leasing Director with over 25 years of expertise in social services, advocacy, leadership, and coordination of care. Her career has covered the entire age spectrum, from working with children to older adults, providing families with the resources and support they need during challenging life circumstances. Enza draws upon her personal experience coordinating care for her own family members, allowing her to relate to prospective residents and their families on an intimate level. Her unique perspective, combined with her clinical background in social work and senior care, make her an invaluable asset to her team. Enza holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from New York University, with a Minor in Italian and a focus on Deaf Studies. Her passion for communication and understanding has led her to develop strong relationships throughout her career. As Leasing Director, she strives to connect with every prospective resident and their families on a personal level. Enza's commitment to her profession and clients is matched by her dedication to her team. She is a natural leader, always willing to lend a helping hand or a listening ear. Her passion, professionalism, and personal touch make her an invaluable member of the Inspīr Senior Living team.

Michelle Rubel

Director of Strategic Partnerships and Events

As Director of Strategic Partnerships and Events, Michelle Rubel brings a passion for luxury hospitality—an integral part of our vision for care and services. With more than 25 years spent living in NYC, Michelle thrives off the city’s energy and has a comprehensive knowledge of what it has to offer. This extensive experience will come in handy in her new role, as Michelle will be responsible for building new relationships and partnerships that will further elevate the service offered at Inspīr.

Michelle comes to us with a wealth of experience in the senior living field and beyond. She spent eight years thinking on her feet as an event director for Hearst Communications and Condé Nast Publications. From there, she continued to hone her skills as the Principal at a high-level care facility in New York City. Today, Michelle spends her time finding new ways to elevate the exclusive Inspīr brand and evolve our mission and vision. She looks forward to using her experience interacting with discerning older adults to help her connect even more people with the senior living experience they deserve.