Nine Core Elements

Inspīr delivers a transformative senior living experience that exceeds every dimension of senior care. Each residence was purposefully designed to promote health and wellness as well as harmony and connectedness for residents, families, and staff. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer sweeping views and ample natural light. Wood finishing, stone accents, and lush gardens keep residents close to nature. And the culinary delights from our kitchens spark the senses and rekindle memories. We curate an environment and lifestyle that supports a philosophy of vibrant, intentional living and meaningful connection based on Nine Core Elements.

Female resident having dinner with a friend, showing that engagement is a part of Inspire's Nine Core Elements


People who are actively engaged lead a better life. That’s why we tap into our residents’ interests and abilities to keep them as stimulated as possible—both in the building and in the city—every single day.


We all need a sense of purpose in life. We help our residents find and keep that sense of purpose throughout their journey by promoting opportunities for them to engage in meaningful activities—including programs highlighting resident-facilitated teaching and intergenerational learning.

Female resident enjoying a swim in the pool, showing that movement and mobility is a part of Inspire's Nine Core Elements

Movement + Mobility

Our bodies are designed to move. And so, we offer daily programs that keep our residents in motion naturally and purposefully. We empower residents to stay mobile, in both the building and the city.

Female performer playing violin, showing that art and music is a part of Inspire's Nine Core Elements

Art + Music

Art and music are universal languages. They energize the senses, tap into faded memories, and invigorate the soul. We infuse art and music into our environments, and regularly use them as therapeutic tools.

Female resident applauding among others in a theater, showing that belonging is a part of Inspire's Nine Core Elements


People who are connected to faith-based communities and social networks feel better and live longer. We keep our residents connected through community-based partnerships, cultural programming and outings, on-site faith-based services, and technology solutions.

Male resident and son embracing, showing that family is a part of Inspire's Nine Core Elements


Maintaining loving relationships with family is critical for good mental health. We encourage family involvement, and we help spouses, adult children, grandchildren, and extended relatives stay connected to our residents.

Female resident focusing on detailed work, showing that brain health is a part of Inspire's Nine Core Elements

Brain Health

Caring for the brain is important at any age. We believe that what’s good for the brain is also good for the body, mind, and soul. We offer lifelong learning classes, cognitively stimulating activities, brain-healthy foods, and fitness classes to keep the neurons active and to maximize brain function.

Circle of trees viewed from the ground up to the treetops, showing that nature is a part of Inspire's Nine Core Elements


Connecting to nature is elemental. Our common spaces are lush with plants and beautiful gardens. Our floor-to-ceiling windows fill the interior of the building with natural light. Nature also means nutrition. And so, we use whole foods, vegetarian diets, and natural ingredients to promote health. We curate culinary offerings that incorporate plant-based protein sources along with fresh, locally sourced vegetables and herbs.

Female resident with her daughter, both overjoyed, showing that laughter is a part of Inspire's Nine Core Elements


As the saying goes, “Laughter is, and always will be, the best form of therapy.” And we agree, which is why we incorporate a little humor into everything we do.

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