Food is our common ground, a universal experience. At Inspīr Embassy Row, we aim to make that experience an exquisite one for our residents. One that nourishes, heals, and bursts with flavor.

Our menus include nutrient-filled choices for whole-person health wellness across a variety of venues that are decadent in both atmosphere and flavor. Each venue is punctuated by our attentive culinary team who will cater to your every need.


Dupont Circle Coffee

Your daily destination for authentic, café-style beverages and bites. Start your day with a freshly ground coffee or meet your friends and family for an afternoon pick me up.

The Garden Bistro

Inspired by authentic French bistros, this chic dining venue will have you feeling fresh and bright. Enjoy al-fresco dining and light fare, perfect for a mid-day meal and shared over great conversation with friends.

The Anthem

Delivering culinary excellence that makes every meal an occasion. Enjoy fresh, fine dining for breakfast, lunch and dinner at our main dining venue, The Anthem. The sumptuous ambience is underscored by bespoke decor, an open display kitchen and an outdoor terrace. You can even host intimate events in our private dining space.

The Rooftop Lounge

A retreat aglow in the sky, Inspīr's rooftop lounge is the perfect place to relax with your favorite drink or enjoy lively social gatherings while hovering above the hum of the city and taking in the beauty of Washington D.C.’s effervescent urban tapestry.


Our talented Chefs bring passion, experience and flavor to our kitchens. They meticulously curate seasonal menus that wow in taste and in variety. We have partnered with local purveyors to bring in seasonally inspired ingredients that continually surprise the palate and signal change throughout the year.

Much like our neighboring embassies, our talented chefs deliver dishes that take you on a trip around the world. A hearty and flavorful Beef Bourguignon will transport you to Burgundy, France. Balsamic chicken salad packed with superfoods and topped with crumbled feta cheese will bring you right to the Mediterranean coast. A light orange teriyaki salmon served with steamed organic cauliflower and broccoli florets, a nod to one of Japan's most renowned dishes.

Of course, being in the nation's capital, we will also celebrate classic American dishes and regional delicacies. Think healthy, contemporary takes on your favorite comfort foods like a vegetable-forward meatloaf topped with a rich and tangy mushroom glaze. Or, get a taste of Maryland with a fresh baked crab cake paired with a salad of arugula, radicchio and fennel.

At Inspīr Embassy Row, the menu is your passport.

Inspīr Embassy Row is currently under construction and is not licensed by the D.C. Department of Health. Upon completion of construction, Inspīr Embassy Row will apply to the D.C. Department of Health for a license to operate as an Assisted Living Residence. The anticipated opening for Inspīr Embassy Row is December 2024.