Introducing Allī, a comprehensive technology suite designed to enhance safety, health, and happiness, and to promote resident connectedness. Just one of our many senior living amenities at Inspir. 

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Virtual Reality Experiences

Featuring 360-degree visual immersion, our award-winning virtual reality experiences provide residents with opportunities for virtual travel and reminiscence therapy, transporting them to new and familiar places all over the world.

Auditory Enhancement

Residents with hearing impairments can use our wireless noise-canceling headsets, which provide auditory enhancement for improved engagement at social gatherings and activities.

Resident Safety System

Our comprehensive safety system includes nurse call, real-time location capabilities, and access control to help keep residents safe and sound, day and night.

Digital Interactive Programming

Residents have access to hundreds of education, faith-based, entertainment, and therapeutic programs, as well as fun and challenging games and puzzles designed for all levels of cognition.

Live Stream Learning Programs

Residents can enjoy live, interactive educational and entertainment programs streamed from all over the country—museums, national parks, botanical gardens, science centers, and more.

Digital Signage and In-House TV Channel

Residents can view relevant and timely information, like activity calendars, menus, and community news, on digital signs throughout the building or on their own TV. Larger events are live streamed to the in-house TV channel for residents who may not be able to attend in person.
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Mobile App

With instant access to community information and a private social network to talk to friends, family, and staff, residents can easily connect with the world around them.

Voice Assistant + Smart Home Tech

By simply using their voice, residents can ask for information, such as daily menu offerings or current weather forecasts. Or they can ask for help in turning on the lights, playing their favorite playlists, turning down the temperature, or calling the concierge.


Our robots can initiate hands-free video visits with doctors and family members, engage residents in activities, and provide entertainment during family visits.

eHealth Record

Real-time visibility into a resident's health status enables data-driven clinical decisions and proactive care planning. The system is integrated with our pharmacy partner for seamless exchange of medication information and healthcare provider orders.

Smart Fitness Equipment

Residents can easily stay on track with their fitness goals using our smart equipment that automatically moves into position and captures workout data. It allows users to measure performance, record results, and follow their regular training routine.