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Carnegie Hill Team Celebrates Their Award-Winning Architecture


Our team here at Inspīr Carnegie Hill is honored to celebrate four recent awards and recognitions for the architecture of our residence. They include the 2021 Healthcare Design Awards from IIDA, Multi-Housing News Excellence Award, 2021 Design Award from SARA NY, and finalist for the Gold Key Awards for Excellence in Hospitality Design. We are so proud that the vision of our CEO Gregory Smith has not only been brought to life but has also received well-deserved recognition thanks to the collaboration with Handel Architects.

From the beginning, Handel Architects understood our vision and shared our passion for creating an environment that would contribute to our residents’ wellness while breaking through the clutter of the average senior living communities across the country and establishing a new level of excellence in thoughtful design. A community that focuses on what’s essential and meaningful to those nearing the end of their lives.

Despite being their first foray into designing a senior living space, it was readily apparent that the team at Handel was more than up to the challenge of redefining what a senior living experience could be thanks to their expertise in hospitality. For us, this meant creating a comfortable environment where residents could come together to socialize and continue to connect with their families to create new memories. 

This purpose-driven architecture played an essential role in each decision, from top to bottom. Every inch of the building was carefully considered to provide residents with an experience that is second to none. The attention to detail began with Handel keeping the varying levels of care throughout the building in mind. This played a significant role in the design, as residents requiring higher levels of care were placed on the lower tier to allow for more generous support spaces where they are needed most. 

This focus on residents’ wellness continued with the understanding that as people age, they tend to withdraw from social and cultural experiences. The location was chosen to ensure that residents could continue to stay connected and have the opportunity to access the museums, shops, parks, and all the other things that matter most to them. 

We also spoke at length with Handel about the importance of a connection with the outdoors and agreed on how it vastly enhances quality of life. With that in mind, gardens and planted terraces were incorporated into the living units to ensure that residents with limited movement could still enjoy nature while sitting on their porch. Community spaces that seamlessly combine the indoors and out bring in fresh air, streaming sunlight, and gorgeous vistas on nearly every floor.

One of our favorite examples of this is the SkyPark that’s perched high above Second Avenue. A little oasis in the sky, it features fragrant plantings of sage, lilac, and rose, while the beautiful terrace and sun porch provide spectacular views of the East River.

Despite calling one of the world’s busiest and most crowded locations home, it was never lost on Handel Architects that, first and foremost, this building is a community and a home. Rather than maximizing the number of units, they prioritized open spaces for residents to connect and relax—areas where residents and staff can naturally engage with each other outside of their personal living spaces.

We are proud to say that this modern marvel’s architecture has been recognized for its ingenuity and ambition by taking home a variety of notable awards.

IIDA Award: Winner of the 2021 Healthcare Design Awards in the category for Extended Care & Assisted Living Facilities | Long-Term Care

Multi-Housing News Award: Winner of the annual MHN Excellence Awards program that recognizes the multifamily industry’s most noteworthy people, companies, and properties

SARA NYWinner of the 2021 Design Award of Excellence

Gold KeyA finalist for the Gold Key Awards for Excellence in Hospitality Design 

We are humbled by the variety of accolades that the architecture of Inspīr Carnegie Hill has garnered, but the aim to provide an elevated community experience was always the first consideration when it came to design. We couldn’t be happier to have partnered with Handel Architects in delivering the utmost level of support, while bringing a taste of the outdoors to the city, for everyone that calls it home. It is truly a senior living community like no other.

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