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A Closer Look at Inspīr through the Eyes of a Resident


Every Inspīr resident has an interesting story. This week, we are turning the spotlight on Marilyn Snyder, a retired actress you may know by her screen name, Maggie Burke. Best known for her leading roles in Broadway’s Brighton Beach Memoirs, TV’s As the World Turns and Law and Order, as well as her role in the film Six Degrees of Separation, Marilyn sat down with us to talk about what led her to decide to call our community home.      

What led you to consider making a move to a senior living community?

After my husband passed away 15 years ago and I retired, I began having health issues of my own. I decided that I wanted to find a welcoming, comfortable place that provided easy access to healthcare.

Were you familiar with senior living before beginning your search?

Previously, my only other experience with senior living was limited and not at all positive. My grandmother needed care, and the only option was a nursing home. That was what my image of senior living was, so I was reluctant to consider it until I discovered Inspīr. I read about it and was intrigued.

How did Inspīr set itself apart?

I visited other senior living communities, but I am very social and want to live in a luxurious setting, and the other options just didn’t provide what I was looking for. When I found Inspīr, I was immediately bowled over by the community, staff, and architecture.

And being a native New Yorker, I wanted to stay in the city and remain close to the theatre and culture that means so much to me. Having lived only 10 blocks away from the building before my move, it felt like the perfect fit, as my umbilical cord doesn’t stretch much farther than that.

After spending time here as a resident, what stands out?

The views, the materials used throughout, the way it’s decorated, and the stimulating community. It really is quite nice to be here, and all of the people I know are pleased with their choice as well. I’m sitting here in my apartment in my little office looking out at the East River now. There is nothing that compares to this. It is magnificent. I sound like a spoiled brat, but I wouldn’t have moved in if I didn’t have such a great view.

How has Inspīr helped you to continue to live your life on your terms?

Everything is taken care of. They make life so simple at a time when life gets so complex. It seemed like I was spending 23 of 24 hours dealing with affairs—medical appointments, transportation, and all the rest. Things I had to do, not things I wanted to do. Here, there is no lack of stimulating intellectual programs. They take advantage of the city’s arts, culture, entertainment, and food. I’m taking a memoir writing class and started a film club, and we have regular screenings in the theater.

What have you found here that you didn’t expect?

I am pleasantly surprised by the people living here. They are successful and cultured, and I share interests with many of them. Plus, the staff are so caring—they know everyone’s name and treat everyone with such kindness. Even the beautiful pool and magnificent gym have great instructors.

What would you say to others considering making a move to Inspīr?

I think this is an experiment that is changing the way older people live. It’s a totally new approach where you don’t feel like this is the end; it is the beginning of a new time. This truly is the crème de la crème.



From the moment we’re born, new experiences are key to our growth as individuals. That’s why they’re intrinsic to life and the continued well-being of our residents at Inspīr Carnegie Hill. We bring fresh programs and perspectives from a variety of engagement partners to support our philosophy of caring for the whole self. Engage in therapeutic programs, educational workshops, music, film, entertainment, and more at Inspīr.

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