Elevated Interiors: English-Made, Hand-Crafted Furnishings


The Inspīr experience begins at our doorstep. Our residence, designed by masterful architects, was built specifically for living every moment to its fullest. The building draws from the energy and culture of the city around it. At the same time, it is inspired by nature, bright with sunlight in common areas and apartments, while employing garden spaces that blur the lines between indoors and out. It is no wonder that selecting and sourcing the most perfect furnishings was a main focus for the Inspīr team.

To make these dreams a reality, we partnered with a company that understands customization and luxury: George Smith of London, England. We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their handcrafted   sofas and chairs for the communal spaces throughout the residence. George Smith furniture is hand-built by master craftsmen and product design professionals using a blend of traditional methods and modern innovations. Frames are internally structured with Tulipwood and finished in Ash or Utile on the exterior. Why these specific woods? Years of experience in creating luxury furniture has proven that these woods are the best choice due to their stability, stain application, and smooth elegant finish. Just the attention to detail we value with the creation of all things Inspīr.

The frames are hand-jointed to exacting standards—using heavy, steel coiled springs tied into wide bands of interwoven jute webbing. This provides a balanced weight distribution for maximum comfort. Horsehair is the primary stuffing material enveloping and cushioning the coil springs, followed by a cotton-feather mixture to provide thick padding and comfort. To add that extra touch of luxury, seat cushions are hand-stuffed with a mixture of duck down and duck feathers to complete each furnishing.

In the Lobby

The piece de resistance in the grand lobby is a pronounced ocean blue mohair velvet Back-to-Back. The sofa design, a contemporary take on the traditional Tête-à-Tête, consists of two signature sofas joined together to create a single piece of furniture. Due to its large stature, the sofa will be completed on-site to ensure a flawless finish. 

1802 Dining Room

Bespoke winged armchairs with delicate, fluted fixed back seats and decorative brass nail head details, fill the main dining room floor. A fluted u-shaped banquette, together with elegant timber-arm carver dining chairs, envelops the feature atrium in the rear dining area.

The Skypark Lounge

Located on the seventeenth floor, the open Skypark Lounge, with zonal seating arrangements to balance ambience and intimacy, has been perfectly adorned with hand-crafted furniture and finishes.  

A freestanding gas fireplace creates a secluded nook in half of the space. Here, a pair of Brompton Sofas, with elegant pin tuck detail in rich, crimson velvet, sit on a hand-tufted rug.

Two indoor atriums frame a central casual seating and dining area, while a pair of Early Victorian Chesterfield Sofas, with voluptuous deep buttoned seats—backs and arms—sit on a hand-tufted feature rug, creating a casual lounging corner.

Construction on a chair in the George Smith furniture workshop, using a specality tool to create pleats and folds
Close up of a mans hands working on the interior springs of a couch in the George Smith furniture workshop
Man hand applying horse hair to a chair in the George Smith furniture workshop

George Smith, born in 1786, is one of the Regency’s most celebrated furniture designers. The company today is still inspired by many of Smith’s original nineteenth century drawings in the making of their furniture. It is renowned for its beautiful interiors around the globe for notable clients such as Tommy Hilfiger in Connecticut, the Hotel Relais Christine in Paris, Adare Manor in Ireland, Soho House in London and New York among many others.

The furniture, based on classic and contemporary designs and handmade in England from traditional materials using techniques passed down through the generations, has been customised to suit the unique comfort requirements of the Inspīr residents. Specific adjustments were made in order to increase mobility and comfort for all. This includes seat depth, height, and pitch. Arm heights were all adjusted in order to minimize the possibility of skin tears. Casters have been added to the front legs, and tufting and custom buttons have been added. Our furnishings are even waterproofed. The overall traditional aesthetic of the furniture, combined with the selection of luxurious natural fabrics personifies the warmth of a welcoming private residence.

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