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Empowering Inclusive Senior Living: Our Journey with SAGECare

Inspīr Senior Living Team

Home is more than a mere physical space; it's a sanctuary where authenticity thrives, devoid of judgment or façade. That's why Inspīr Carnegie Hill embraces the pursuit of its Platinum SAGECare credential, an emblem of our commitment to crafting an all-encompassing residence. As a vanguard in the field, dedicated to fostering an inclusive and inviting milieu for all residents, this milestone marks a significant stride towards our mission of exceptional care and support for the senior LGBTQ+ community.

The Essence of SAGECare

SAGECare is a division of SAGE (Advocacy & Service for LGBTQ+ Elders), the nation's foremost nonprofit organization championing the betterment of aging LGBTQ+ individuals. Since its establishment in 1978, SAGE has steadfastly advocated for LGBTQ+ elder rights, striving for a world untainted by the discrimination and persecution that has historically plagued the community. The fight for LGBTQ+ rights remains an uphill journey, burdened by the lingering effects of history. A survey executed by AARP in 2022 demonstrated that 85% of older LGBTQ individuals are concerned about discrimination. “Two-thirds believe they will need someone to provide caregiving for them in the future and eight in ten say they are not sure they will have adequate family or social supports in their later years.”

Nurturing Compassion within the Collective (Training):

This initiative integrates strategies to ensure the dignified treatment of LGBTQ+ older adults, educating staff to identify and address the distinctive challenges faced by this demographic. The training entails insights into historical and ongoing LGBTQ+ struggles, appropriate use of terminology related to sexual orientation and gender identity, and overall etiquette. To achieve the Platinum credential, 80% of both our management and non-management staff needed to complete the training. Additionally, the program extends an immersive development path tailored for community leaders, aiding management in creating an LGBTQ+ inclusive environment. The comprehensive training benefits all community staff, enhancing their roles with tangible steps to support and care for LGBTQ+ residents.

Validating Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity at Inspīr

Inspīr places importance on person-centered care and securing the Platinum SAGECare credential seamlessly aligns with our ethos of delivering transformative senior living experiences that surpass every facet of elder care. With the credential in hand, we can better grasp and address the distinct needs of LGBTQ+ elders through an enlightened and compassionate lens.

Evan Rossi, Director of Resident Experience, emphasizes that the credential "bolsters Inspīr's dedication to perpetual learning, recognizing that a one-size-fits-all framework doesn't suffice, as each resident possesses unique preferences and boundaries." By integrating gender identity and sexual orientation into our care plans, we orchestrate bespoke services that champion physical, emotional, and social well-being for all residents. This approach underscores our conviction that inclusivity and empathy are integral to rendering optimal care.

Inspīr Carnegie Hill takes immense pride in attaining the Platinum SAGECare credential. Upholding SAGECare’s training certification underscores our dedication to nurturing an all-embracing, caring environment for our residents.  This commitment is integral, woven into the essence of who we are and more than just a promise, it’s our way of life at Inspīr. At this time, Inspīr is one of only two luxury senior living communities in New York City to earn a SAGECare Platinum Certification. Inspīr also plans to seek certification at their second location in Washington, D.C., set to open in late 2024, implementing the training into the onboarding process for all new hires.

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