5 generations gathered at Inspīr

Five Generations Gathered at Inspīr Carnegie Hill

Inspīr Senior Living Team

Sixth Graders to Nonagenarians Debated Everything from Politics to Pandemics, Climate Change to Mental Health, and Gender Equality to Freedom of the Press

New York, NY – January 17, 2023 – Inspīr Carnegie Hill, a luxury senior living residence on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, honored Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service with a cross-generational dinner, where the 18 guests in attendance ranged from ages 12 years old to 98.

Inspīr organized the event in conjunction with “Generations Over Dinner” – a national program created by AmeriCorps and Argentum – and Sweet Readers, a nonprofit dedicated to building enriched communities that integrate multiple generations and encourage students to become catalysts for change.5 generations

Along with Inspīr residents Sy Molinoff, Marilyn Harrison and Mitchell Brown, the dinner party brought together NYC-area middle and high school students, activists, teachers, educators and others, with every generation represented, from Gen Z to the Silent Generation. Topics ranged from climate change, public policy and education reform to aging, addiction and technology. “The dinner was a huge success and was beloved by our residents and the kids alike,” noted Thamara Barbosa-Tirri, General Manager at Inspīr. “The idea was to foster a sense of belonging and understanding among all generations, combat ageism, spark unique conversations and build key relationships across the age continuum – and that’s precisely what happened.” 

Guests were prompted to share some generational misconceptions, as well as describe their visions and hope for the future. New York City sixth-grader and Sweet Reader Jessie shared that “a misconception about my generation is that we don’t talk and we aren’t good conversationalists. People think we are always on our phones, but we do talk, and we are great at conversing! We just also like to hold our phones while we talk!” Manhattan Boomer Wendy Hashmall (also Marilyn’s daughter) said the misconception about her generation is that “we are all bad with technology,” while Sy, the Inspīr resident in his 90s, said his peers are often incorrectly disparaged as closed-minded. He hoped the younger generations would not forget the lessons of the past as they embrace their bold new futures. 

A core tenet of Inspīr’s program is to promote its residents’ wellness – defined as beyond their physical well-being and stretching into their emotional and intellectual state as well. Inspīr has curated an environment and lifestyle that supports the philosophy of living a vibrant, intentional and meaningful life through thought-provoking events, activities and programs for its residents. 

5 generations picture 2“Our dinner proved that passionate and impactful conversation can be sparked with individuals who are willing to open their eyes, ears and hearts to those that they perceive as different, but who might not be so different after all,” noted Evan Rossi, Director of Resident Experience at Inspīr.

And what’s a dinner party without wonderful food? Indeed, attendees were wowed when they tasted Chef Josh’s creative menu, which included Kobe beef and caramelized Bermuda onion sliders, roasted pear and goat cheese salad, and a lobster ceviche with julienne of vegetables. A few Boomers at the table even exclaimed, “I am ready to move in! Where can I sign up?”

About Inspīr Carnegie Hill

Inspīr is a luxury senior living brand offering a different approach to living for discerning seniors in urban markets. The new brand represents the convergence of luxury accommodations, exceptional hospitality, cutting-edge technology, whole-person wellness and world-class care. The brand’s flagship senior living residence, Inspīr Carnegie Hill, is located at 1802 Second Avenue at 93rd Street, in the heart of New York City’s Upper East Side. Inspīr Carnegie Hill boasts a masterfully designed building with state-of-the-art technology and 210 private residences customized to fit the needs of an aging population. The community offers assisted living, memory care and enhanced care options. Inspīr is developed by Maplewood Senior Living in partnership with Omega Healthcare Investors, Inc. (NYSE: OHI). For more information, please call 646-978-9040 or visit inspirseniorliving.com.

About Sweet Readers

Sweet Readers, Inc. (“The Charity”) is a public charity founded in 2011 in Manhattan. Their mission is to empower young people through training, transformative programs and communities of support to revitalize isolated adults living with and without Alzheimer’s and related disorders and become catalysts for excellence in eldercare. During the programs, young people are challenged to utilize science, human engagement and the arts to discover the person and meaningfully connect, transcending all obstacles. Sweetreaders.org

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