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Inspir’s Curated Art Collection Part 2


In part one of our two-part blog series showcasing our curated art collection, we highlighted three artists featured in Inspīr Carnegie Hill. In this piece, we feature an additional selection of artists whose works hang in our amenity spaces throughout the residence.

Zipora Fried

In the private dining room of 1802, we have hung the work of Zipora Fried. Everything Can Be Different, 2020, is a colored pencil piece on an archival museum board (52.5 x 90 inches). Born in Haifa, Israel, in 1963, she is currently based in New York. Fried studied at the Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna and has exhibited around the United States and abroad, including in Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Brazil, Austria, and Australia, to name a few.

Fried moves with fluidity between her mediums, including drawing, sculpture, and photography, and often she amalgamates them all into one piece. Her work concentrates on the interconnection between the surface and the subconscious, as well as the potential of the artist’s hand to create and negate shape and form. Layers of line, color, and material build upon one another, as process and endurance are fundamental themes of Fried’s practice.

Everything Can Be Different is a precisely crafted drawing that has been created using a lengthy labor-intensive process, which as one, form a singular movement. Using lush colored pencil drawings, the piece has been worked on for months and is both dense and contemplative while purifying and serene.

Christopher Le Brun

Our SkyPark, located on the 17th floor, is an expansive space with floor-to-ceiling windows, sliding doors that open to the outside terrace, home to the Onyx bistro and bar, and is the perfect gathering space for residents and their families. It is here that a series of four woodcuts by Christopher Le Brun called Composer, 2017 (edition of 16), hang along the eastern walls.

Born in 1951 in Portsmouth, United Kingdom, he is based in London. Le Brun was awarded a Knighthood in the Queen’s New Year’s Honors List for services to art in 2021. A painter, printmaker, and sculptor, Le Brun trained at the Slade and Chelsea Schools of Art in London. He has served as a trustee of many major British art institutions and as President of the Royal Academy of Arts from 2011-2019. In that role, he oversaw the redevelopment of the Academy’s 250-year history and is attributed to revitalizing its reputation. Le Brun’s work has common characteristics that focus on touch, light, space, and color. His art also derives inspiration from a long-standing appreciation of English landscape and nature creating a common ground. Locally, his work can be found in the Museum of Modern ArtThe Metropolitan Museum of Art, and in New Haven at the Yale Center for British Art.

Patricia Treib

Additionally, on the SkyPark floor, within the private dining room at Onyx, we have the works of Patricia Treib. Drape, 2018 (Edition of 25, #21/25), and Straps, 2018 (Edition of 25 + 10 AP, #7 AP), were both created using processes called color sugar lift, soap ground, and spit bite aquatints. She is known for her abstract work and creates how we experience time and memory through her paintings, watercolors, and prints.

Treib, born in Saginaw, Michigan, in 1979, is based right here in Brooklyn, New York. She received her BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and her MFA from Columbia University School of the Arts in New York. Her art has been in numerous exhibitions in New York and abroad, including Portugal, London, Romania, Poland, and the Czech Republic. Treib’s true subject is the process of looking, through which she discovers new relationships while dismantling what is merely recognizable. Space in-between forms become primary motifs; peripheral elements become central presences; shapes suggest calligraphic gestures. She works at an immersive scale, with nearly all her paintings executed in a single day—the same composition serving numerous works, which as a result share a sibling relationship, however differing in their coloring, the subtle inflection of their features, or the expression of their elements. 


Having this unique curated art collection within our residence adds to the vibrant lifestyle and experiences we want our residents to live daily. The collection sparks conversation, adds to their education, and brightens their home within the building.

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