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Residents at Inspīr Carnegie Hill, Upper East Side Senior Living Community, Give Back This Thanksgiving Through Local Community Fridge

Inspīr Senior Living Team

Residents stock nearby Upper East Side Community Fridge with sandwiches to support neighbors experiencing food insecurity during the Thanksgiving season

Residents at Inspīr Carnegie Hill gathered together this month to make sandwiches for a nearby Community Fridge, a public refrigerator offering free and dignified food access to neighbors in need.

On Thanksgiving Eve, residents of the senior living community assembled sandwiches, bagging and labeling each meal to be brought over to the Upper East Side Community Fridge, located just one block away from the Inspīr building. Inspīr’s residents, many of whom are lifelong New Yorkers, are passionate about giving back to their community, and felt especially grateful to help their neighbors during the Thanksgiving season.

“It is remarkable at my age to see that I can still make a difference, and with something seemingly so small, like sandwiches,” said Peggy O’Brien, an Inspīr resident who regularly participates in Community Fridge events. “But when you think about it, these sandwiches could be someone’s much-needed energy to care for their family or themselves. I’m proud to assist any way I can!” she continued.

The Community Fridge initiative, which was introduced at Inspīr earlier this year, has expanded significantly in recent months, with volunteering events now drawing 20-25 residents per shift and producing between 100 and 150 sandwiches per month. When a Community Fridge event is scheduled, Inspīr’s Culinary Director adds the ingredients to the community’s regular food order, and the sandwiches are then prepared by residents and delivered by the Inspīr experience team.

“When we first brought the sandwiches to the community fridge, it was a very moving experience,” said Terrence Poplar, Resident Experience Specialist at Inspīr Carnegie Hill. “Getting to know those who receive food from the fridge allowed us to truly see the impact we were making. The community is grateful, but so are we.”

Research shows that there are certain commonalities among individuals who live long and happy lives; namely, being part of a community and feeling a sense of purpose. Many Inspīr residents spent their younger years giving back and serving others, and it is a core tenet of Inspīr’s philosophy to continue providing opportunities for residents to volunteer and engage with their community. The Community Fridge initiative is a great example of one of Inspīr’s Nine Core Elements—purpose—in action, affirming residents’ belief in themselves that they are still able to make a difference.

The fridge, located on 92nd St. between 1st Ave. and York Ave., is operated in partnership by Central Synagogue, Grassroots Grocery, and the NYCHA Holmes Towers Resident Association, and is the first Community Fridge on the Upper East Side. The fridge is open 24/7, and is one of 165 and counting public refrigerators offering free food for those experiencing food insecurity in the New York City metropolitan area.

The next Community Fridge event will take place at Inspīr during the second week of December. Residents, staff, and Carnegie Hill neighbors are excited to see the program continue into the new year.

About Inspīr Carnegie Hill
Inspīr is a new, luxury senior living brand offering a different approach to living for discerning older adults in urban markets. The brand represents the convergence of luxury accommodations, exceptional hospitality, cutting-edge technology, whole-person wellness and world-class care. The brand's flagship senior living residence, Inspīr Carnegie Hill, is located at 1802 Second Avenue at 93rd Street, in the heart of New York City's Upper East Side. A second location is currently under development in Washington D.C.’s vibrant Dupont Circle neighborhood, anticipated to open in 2024. Inspīr offers state-of-the-art assisted living, memory care and enhanced care options, with private apartments customized to fit the needs of an aging population. Inspīr is developed by Maplewood Senior Living, in partnership with Omega Healthcare Investors, Inc. (NYSE: OHI). For more information, please call 646-978-9040 or visit


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