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Keeping a Pulse on the City


New York City, you either love it or hate it. It is full of energy, noise, plenty of culture, including museums and Broadway shows, in addition to world-class restaurants and incredible neighborhood bakeries. Whatever you choose to pursue and enjoy, the city has it all. The city is our muse at Inspīr Carnegie Hill. Residents enjoy the culture of the city through a variety of programs, which include in-person out in the city, within our residence, or virtual.

When the residence opened in the spring of 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic was prevalent throughout the city. With the ongoing ebbs and tides of this virus, we vary our programming to suit the current needs of both our residents and external limitations. From the moment we’re born, new experiences are key to our growth as individuals. That’s why they are intrinsic to life at Inspīr Carnegie Hill. We bring in fresh programs and perspectives from a variety of engagement partners to support our philosophy of caring for the whole self.

Out in the City

Each month, we offer up to four “On the Town” Experiences out in the city. These experiences are built around resident interests and offer a great opportunity to keep them connected to the things they love most about New York City. Residents have already visited the ICP (International Center of Photography) located on the Lower East Side at the request of one resident who is an avid photographer. Favorite exhibits include the Dior exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum, the Kandinsky at the Guggenheim, and the Jasper Johns: Mind/Mirror exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art, the most comprehensive retrospective ever devoted to Johns’ art.

In February, the programming team has trips planned to The Met, Cooper Hewitt, Jewish Museum, and The Rubin Museum of Art. Shelley and Donald Rubin, founders of The Rubin Museum of Art, eloquently explain the experience of seeing a great work of art, “The emotion generated by viewing a great work of art is very much like falling in love. The passion radiating from the art overtakes us with power and beauty. It’s truly a heart connection.” What a perfect way to describe what we deliver to our residents by supporting the whole self through experiences that radiate throughout.

Bringing Culture In

Each day, we purposefully integrate our Nine Core Elements into daily activities, keeping our residents engaged and vital. Our engagement partners work with our team to bring programming into the residence either via virtual channels or live using the appropriate social distancing and masking, based on up-to-date guidelines.

Each week, we have a variety of musicians perform live music on the ground floor lobby space. Three times a week, pianists perform. On Fridays and every other Wednesday, we have string quartets, and on Saturdays, live jazz, and each Sunday, we have a vocalist. Lecturers, including Evan Weiner, Doug Brin, Brian Rose, and Ethan Angelica, are regularly included in our programming. On the weekends, our experience department facilitates our in-house poetry class. At the end of last year, residents watched an incredible performance by Chinese ribbon dancers in the spacious SkyPark.

From February through May, Inspīr Carnegie Hill is sponsoring a series of concerts with 92Y. Residents will have the opportunity to attend in person or virtually inside the residence. The first, Kirill Gerstein & Garrick Ohlsson, pianos, play Rachmaninoff, Ravel, and more, will be held on February 25 at 7:30 pm.

For 145 years, 92nd Street Y has been serving its communities and the world at large by bringing people together and providing exceptional, groundbreaking programs in the performing and visual arts, literature and culture, adult and children’s education, talks on a huge range of topics, health and fitness, and Jewish life. Our residents take advantage of their diverse programming, events, and classes offered through the Himan Brown 60+ Program.

As our residence continues to welcome new residents, our programming will continue to evolve to reflect the interests and passions of our residents. We purposely leverage the power of art and music, belonging, family, nature, laughter, and more to bring about true wellness for our residents and make sure they live intentional and fulfilled lives while living at Inspīr.

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