New York City Assisted Living Residence Leading the Way with Senior Tech

Brian Geyser

At Inspīr, one of the many ways we’re elevating the senior living experience is through innovation and technology. To learn more about how Inspīr plans to use technology to enhance the resident experience, we sat down with Brian Geyser, our Chief Clinical Officer, who leads our resident care, population health, and technology innovation efforts.

Q: How will Inspīr use technology to improve the lives of its residents?

A: We’ve built out an entire suite of tech products that are specifically designed to make our residents’ lives more enjoyable. It’s called Allī, and it acts as a companion to our residents, empowering them with easy access to information, care, and opportunities to engage.


Q: What kinds of products does Allī feature?

A: Our team has carefully selected each component of the Allī suite, from immersive virtual reality experiences to voice-assistant technology to on-demand care concierge services. When combined, these tools have a pretty simple purpose: to make our residents safer, healthier, and happier.


Q: How will Allī help residents on a day-to-day basis?

A: One big component of Allī is voice-enabled smart-home technology and virtual concierge services. So, a resident who is cold can just say, “I’m cold,” and the thermostat will adjust the temperature in the apartment accordingly. By interacting with their smart speakers, residents can change their thermostats, turn lights on and off, and even play their favorite music playlists. They can also ask questions and speak with our staff. No phones, no dialing. Just voice.


Q: Where else can residents interact with Allī?

A: Digital signage around the community and an in-house television channel in their apartments will give residents all the information they need about our daily calendar of events, wellness programs, and life enrichment offerings, as well as our daily menus and community news.

We also have devices for residents who have hearing impairments. Allī includes wireless noise-canceling headsets to improve our residents’ hearing in social settings and caption-enabled telephones to display their phone conversations on large, easy-to-read screens.


Q: Can you speak to us a little bit about how Allī will keep residents socially engaged?

A: Social engagement is one of the elements that forms the foundation of our life enrichment and wellness programs, and it’s critical for the overall health and happiness of our residents. Allī connects residents both with others and with the world around them.

That includes our VR Global Travel program and our virtual reality experiences, which will allow our residents travel the world (virtually) without ever leaving home. And our digital interactive programming and live stream learning programs support engagement with a variety of interactive shows and activities.

When residents feel like connecting with each other, they will be able to with the press of a button. Allī’s mobile app includes a private social network for them to chat at their leisure with their friends, their family, and our staff.


Q: And how will Allī assist with health and care?

A: At Inspīr, health and wellness are top priorities, and many of the products in the Allī suite help with both.

Allī includes a resident safety system that features nurse call, fall detection, real-time location, and access control capabilities.

Care concierge is a voice-activated system that can alert staff when a resident needs help. The voice-first technology understands residents’ requests and routes them to the appropriate staff members for a quick response. For example, a resident can say, “I’m in pain,” and the system will send a text notification to the care team, who responds immediately.

Another important component of Allī is the electronic health and medication record, which gives us real-time visibility into a resident’s health status. That helps our team make data-driven clinical decisions and plan care proactively. It also enables us to create a truly individualized service plan for each resident—taking medical, social, personal, spiritual, cognitive, and lifestyle elements into account.


Q: What, in your opinion, is the biggest benefit of Allī?

A: Connectedness. Our ultimate goal with Allī is the enhancement of each resident’s connection to information, to culture, to experiences, and to each other. It’s an exciting time to be in senior living technology, and I believe Allī is a good example of how we’re leading the way.

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