Nine Core Elements—How Care Happens at Inspīr, Part 3

Eleonora Tornatore-Mikesh

Inspīr delivers a transformative senior living experience that exceeds every dimension of senior care. The residence was purposefully designed to promote health and wellness as well as harmony and connectedness for residents, families, and staff. It was also built on a philosophy of vibrant, intentional living and meaningful connection, which we bring to life through our Nine Core Elements

To explore these Nine Core Elements, we sat down with Eleonora Tornatore-Mikesh, Chief Experience & Memory Care Officer at Inspīr. Eleonora brings more than two decades of experience improving the lives of seniors, especially those with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia.

What follows is part three of our blog series, which provides a deeper look into three of our Nine Core Elements: Art + Music, Belonging, and Family. If you’re looking to catch up on the series, read Part 1 and Part 2.

Close up of female hands playing violin with bow


Art and music energize the senses, tap into faded memories, and invigorate the soul. We infuse art and music into our environments, regularly using them as therapeutic tools.

Q: Art and music are universal languages. How does Inspīr use these languages? For therapy? For entertainment? For connection?

A: All of the above. And, yes, you’re exactly right. Art and music are universal languages. So we incorporate these languages into all aspects of our environment to stimulate our residents’ minds and tap into their fondest memories. When it comes to our memory care residents, we know the appreciation of music is one of the last things to go, so we use this tool to the fullest.

With all of our residents, we encourage them to share their musical and artistic talents and to form lasting relationships through the influence of their commonalities. We also emphasize the great healing properties of art and music and utilize these creative platforms as therapeutic tools.

Q: Does the location of Inspīr Carnegie Hill play a role in how art and music come to life for residents?

A: Absolutely! The location of Inspīr Carnegie Hill is essential to how art and music come to life for our residents. The Upper East Side is full of renowned museums and music halls, allowing for art and music to be brought into everyday living within our community. Our partnerships with The Museum of Modern Art and The Juilliard School allow us to offer engaging, on-site programs that keep residents energized through the remedial benefits of each. We find that some residents will discover a love for music, art, and dance styles they never knew were there. It’s like a whole new chapter for them.

Working with local, world-class institutions, our goal is to enhance the senior living experience by bringing art and music directly in residency. Our residents come together to strengthen their skills and share their talents with peers, building a strong, energized community.

Female resident in evening wear applauding among others in a theater


Our residents belong here, and we strive to generate that feeling. Because people who are connected feel better and live longer.

Q: When people come to Inspīr, it’s a big step. How do you cultivate a sense of belonging?

A: We welcome our residents with open arms. We want them to feel at home at Inspīr because that’s the first step in achieving a sense of belonging. Our residents stay connected through community-based partnerships, cultural programming and outings, on-site faith-based services, and advanced technology solutions. Inspīr offers these opportunities to residents to enhance their connections within the community, allowing them to express themselves in a personal, meaningful way.  

Q: Why is that feeling of belonging so important? How does that help the transition?

A: People inherently have the desire to belong—to feel like they’re a part of something greater. With a sense of belonging, people feel better and live longer. It’s logical, but it has also been proven through scientific studies. And it’s the reason we are dedicated to fostering that feeling for our residents.

To help the transition to Inspīr, we work to understand our residents’ backgrounds and life histories to introduce them to people with differing experiences. Our residents find comfort in their peers, having the ability to find commonalities through these differences. With the help of our care managers and lifestyle team, Inspīr curates events based on religious, cultural, and social interests. It’s another opportunity to draw people together.

Q: What does it mean to be part of the community surrounding Inspīr? Can you talk about the purposeful choices of where Inspīr is built? 

A: We could have built Inspīr in many places. And while the Upper East Side is a competitive neighborhood to get into, we were tenacious (and patient) about it. And it was worth it. Inspīr Carnegie Hill is surrounded by a vibrant neighborhood. It’s filled with a variety of community centers and faith-based organizations, offers breathtaking views of the East River, and includes a vibrant community of people. Inspīr’s surrounding community is a hub for connectivity and belongingness. Our goal is to bring the neighborhood directly to our residents at Inspīr—for a world of opportunity, right at their doorstep.

Male resident and his son spending quality time together, showing that family is a part of Inspire's Nine Core Elements


Loving family relationships are critical for strong mental health. Inspīr encourages family connections to stay just as vibrant as our residents.

Q: How do families play a role in loved ones joining the Inspīr community? Are they part of the decision-making process? How do you take that dynamic into consideration?

A: As our residents transition into their new home, we know it’s a shared decision among the entire family. When it’s time for loved ones to embark on this next phase of life, families have many conversations about making the right decision, and we know there are a lot of financial and emotional factors that come into play. But for those searching for a transformative senior living experience, Inspīr is the destination.

Every family dynamic is different, and we acknowledge that. Our goal is to provide the means for the connectivity our residents and their families need to maintain these essential loving relationships. We make it as easy as we can for adult children, grandchildren, and extended relatives to stay connected to our residents through both the space itself and the technology Inspīr offers.

Q: You mentioned technology. How does Inspīr use technology to give adult children peace of mind that their loved ones are being cared for and engaged?

A: Family connectivity is essential to Inspīr’s core values. And our Allī technology suite offers the means for residents to stay connected to their loved ones. The Allī technology suite provides health updates and activity information, so family members can stay informed, giving them peace of mind knowing their loved ones are being properly cared for. With all that Allī has to offer, communication becomes easier, and adult children have all the information they need, right through our proprietary app.

Designed to enhance safety, health, and happiness, the Allī technology suite also promotes resident connectedness, as it offers access to community information and a private social network. We encourage residents to talk to friends, family, and staff, making it easy to connect with the world around them. 

Q: Talk about how Inspīr is a destination for families to connect with their loved ones.

A: Inspīr is the next phase of life for our residents. The elevated living experience offers numerous opportunities to connect and grow. And for families, Inspīr is now a part of their lives, too. Our open, energized spaces offer room for families to visit and engage with loved ones. Plus, our prime location on the Upper East Side makes Inspīr the inclusive new spot to bring the family together.

What’s more, Inspīr provides education and support for each family through adult learnings and peer-to-peer support. After all, an aging parent will need more support as time goes on, and family members aren’t always as equipped as they’d like to be to handle this. It’s why we’re proud to say Inspīr Carnegie Hill is the convergence of luxury accommodations, exceptional hospitality, cutting-edge technology, and world-class care, all within a space to be shared—from family to family.

Check back soon for Part 4 of this series, where we’ll dive into the final three of the Nine Core Elements.

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