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Movement and Mobility: Enhancing Senior Living


Our philosophy at Inspīr Carnegie Hill embraces enhanced wellness. As we develop our core of wellness experts, it is important for us to team up with companies and individuals that support this philosophy. Thus, enabling our residents to live more vital lives.

Movement and mobility is one of our Nine Core Elements, designed to support a vibrant, intentional life for all residents. With movement and mobility as a part of our core philosophy, we will be collaborating with several key companies to keep our residents active and engaged. Maintaining mobility is extremely important for an older population, as it not only helps maintain healthy muscles and bones but also reduces the symptoms of depression and anxiety. It supports other core elements, too, such as brain health, which we touched upon in our previous blog post.

Aging causes many changes in the body, ranging from joint stiffness and pain, to loss of bone mass and density, and even a decrease in lean body mass, loss of cartilage, and many others. These changes create a heightened risk for falls and broken bones. Thankfully, exercise can make a big difference to reduce a lot of these symptoms. With a consistent exercise regime, residents will find greater success maintaining muscle strength, reducing aches and pains, and improving overall mental health.

Residents at Inspīr will have the opportunity to take advantage of a variety of wellness assessments. One is a physical evaluation carried out by therapists from SPEAR Physical Therapy. Named the Nation’s Top Physical Therapy Practice in 2016-2017, SPEAR has worked with everyone from celebrities, to Olympic athletes, to top CEOs, and everyone in between. Dan Rootenberg, CEO and Co-Founder of SPEAR, explained that “SPEAR is a hospitality company that just happens to provide physical and occupational therapy services. From first impression to final treatment, we focus on the entire patient experience as much as the best-in-class physical rehabilitation we provide.”

SPEAR’s philosophy as a hospitality company is one of the key reasons Inspīr Carnegie Hill was drawn to them. According to Dan Rootenberg and Ryan Kitzen of SPEAR, “both companies believe strongly in treating the whole person. We get to know patients and residents on a personal level so we can customize an experience to help them reach their goals. We know that physical therapy plays a pivotal role in healthcare and is a core solution for ensuring residents are able to live life to the fullest.”

The core of what SPEAR stands for centers on improvement and growth, becoming a better version of yourself (regardless of age and ability), and being able to maximize life to be as healthy and active as possible. Their tagline, “Life Can’t Wait,” ties in with Inspīr’s philosophy of resident mobility. SPEAR specializes in creating highly individualized care plans for each patient to help them reach their goals, whether they be running a marathon into their late 70s or slicing vegetables, pain-free.

SPEAR aims to help every patient get back to the life they want for themselves. Some of their specific specialty and treatment areas that support the geriatric population include:

  1. Vestibular Rehabilitation: SPEAR works with patients to restore their balance and identify potential inner ear or occipital reflex issues that may cause dizziness.
  2. Fall Prevention and Gait Training: SPEAR helps patients retain their independence by improving their walking mechanics and standing posture.
  3. Pain Management and Prevention: Treatment for those who experience arthritis, joint pain, or are recovering from joint replacement or other major procedures.
  4. Occupational Therapy: SPEAR designs care plans (with a focus on hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder conditions) specifically to help patients go about daily activities while preventing any injuries.
  5. Massage Therapy: A supplemental treatment to physical therapy that promotes healing, improves circulation, and reduces stress.
  6. Golf Swing Analysis, Pilates, and other expert training programs: Helps patients stay active and injury-free while continuing to pursue the activities they love. 

Movement and mobility is encouraged throughout the entire building at Inspīr Carnegie Hill, especially in our fitness center. The Italian wellness equipment company Technogym designs and manufactures beautiful, top-of-the-line exercise equipment, with a culture of wellness that matches our own. Their mission? “Spreading the wellness lifestyle … engaging people in physical activity, correct nutrition, and a positive mindset: the more people we inspire to make these a habit, the better quality of life on the planet.” Their machines are purposefully created to be low-profile and non-intimidating. Their quiet operation and enhanced biomechanics make using them easier for our residents to grasp. Technogym is also known for launching mywellness: the first cloud-based platform in the fitness and wellness sector, making them an ideal partnership to complement our Allī Technology Suite. As experts in their field, Technogym also brings education and training to the Inspīr training team to ensure residents will receive the full benefit of working on these machines.

Additionally, Inspīr Carnegie Hill teamed up with Namaste New York to expand our wellness capabilities. Founded by Julie Wald, Namaste New York provides yoga, meditation, Pilates, and massage services to increase client mobility, decrease or alleviate chronic pain, and manage stress to help people achieve lifelong well-being. Namaste New York is built on a four-pillar philosophy that includes movement, stillness, touch, and nourishment. These philosophies are important to our residents for continued wellness and vitality to gain fulfillment in day-to-day living. Movement helps residents focus on strength and flexibility, stillness restores the nervous system through consistent breathing and meditation, touch supports recovery through integrative massage and bodywork, and nourishment assists in nutrition education, gut healing, and lifestyle goal support. 

When Inspīr Carnegie Hill opens its doors, we will offer various movement and mobility programs to keep our residents healthy and engaged. Stay tuned for our next blog post focusing on the Element of Laughter at Inspīr.

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